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Deejay producer based in Milan, Italy. Built recently, better known as M23 began his career in the 80s as a radio director, and start his musical productions for film Soundtracks and Electronic Soundscape Music, New Wave music, He participates in many productions of high international artist of that time and then get to the world of jazz, where it operates as a promoter for many years. Having never left the world of electronic music follows the Detroit Techno world starting to produce as M23 with deep sounds and experimental, and two years as MARI MATTHAM along the lines of the British techno and Berlin techno Talent scout helps and contributes to the growth of many young label and still participates in the activities of many start-ups. Eclectic, but determined, his productions are abstract sounds and scenarios, with impossible visions and distorted. I carry over rule them in a landscape of waves and vibrations, striking the imagination with sensations of serenity and inquetude alternating. breaks, happiness and fear, as opposed to straight techno and decisive. 

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