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Deejay producer based in Mexico City, Mexico. Fixeer is one of the most representative artists from the Méxican scene, he began his career as a professional DJ in 2000, also in the same year starts as teaching on school of music called G Martell in Mexico, teaching Production of electronic music and DJ. 

Fixeer has also promote events called “From Mini to Tech” in wich he has had as guests artists from the local scene and international producers like Oscar Mulero, Developer, Truncate and many more. His recent productions are supported by people like Oscar Mulero, Pfirter, Bas Mooy, Lewis Fautzi, James Ruskin, DVS1, Sleeparchive, Exium, Tensal, Samuli Kemppi, just to name a few, his sessions are characterized by expose from the most Hypnotic techno to  the more rough and broken techno sound. Currently is more focused on producing your own music and he will soon launched his own label called "Human Recs" also has published on labels like: Aine, Granulart Recordings, Illegal Alien Records, Seance, Vector Functions Records, B55 Records, Impact Mechanisms etc.

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