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Deejay producer based in Rouen, France. First signature on the french label Hexa Rec, DJ Saint Pierre is above all a passionate of electronic music. Since his first mix when he was 13, he has improve a technique and also a musicality indispensable for his creative development. He likes mixed analog machine with acoustic instrument to develop a particular texture of his music. Since 2014, he signed several EP and remix on different international label of electronic music like Hexa Rec, Illegal Alien Records or Impact Mechanics. DJ Saint Pierre is a Techno and electronica composer, his creations has been remixed by Scan x, M23, DJ Hi-Shock, Djamency, Arnaud Le Texier, Endlec. In live, DJ Saint Pierre plays mostly vinyls or vinyls timecode, that why he works hard to have a very technical set to serve musicality.

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